How much will it cost to remove my tree?
Just as no two trees grow the same no two tree jobs will cost the same. 

So your neighbors tree service, whose tree or trees "are just about the same size" as yours; might not cost you what it cost to take theirs down and your wondering why?
Well a  few things must be factored in when evaluating the price for an estimate for a tree service. First and foremost; the location of the trees and their proximity to structures, secondly the size of the canopy, the degree of lean, and then there's the access to the tree, the type of tree, the steps used to take down the tree, what will be done with the debris afterward?, how much damage are you willing to deal with to your landscape when the trees come down, etc. etc.

Do I need a permit?

That depends on the city you live in and the size of the tree.

Permitting ordinances and laws vary greatly by locale and change often. It is important to stay informed on the rules that affect your residence. Many neighborhoods also have covenants that affect tree removal. All necessary permits and authorizations will be the responsibility of you, the homeowner or authorized signer. For information on permitting and applications please check with your city.

Here are a few details for the surrounding areas:

Cobb County Tree Removal Permit
​Cobb County has a tree ordinance in effect. You can cut trees on private property as you like, but you must replant. There is no current enforcement for residential property.
Cumming Tree Removal Permit
Cumming residents can remove any tree on their property without a permit. Trees located on stream buffers and exterior buffers may only be removed if they are dead or hazardous.
​Dunwoody Tree Removal Permit
​Tree codes in Dunwoody have been removed for most residential homes. Permits are needed for new construction. (9/2012)

Johns Creek Tree Removal Permit

The City of Johns Creek does not issue tree removal permits. Tree removal is allowed unless the trees are located in a zoning buffer, stream buffer, Chattahoochee River Corridor, or other protected area. However, if you are applying for a building permit or land disturbance permit then the requirements in the Tree Preservation Ordinance must be satisfied.

Is a crane necessary to remove my tree?

Actually the use of a crane is less necessary than you might think. And they can be dangerous.
​So why do some companies jump at chance to use one? Well because they have one. Although a crane can make the tree removal process faster it isn't always necessary and if the operator is not experienced it could be disastrous.

Using a crane for tree service and removal is much more complex compared to standard crane operating usage. A climber who is cutting down a tree must maintain the highest communication possible with the crane operator. Large tree limbs, especially Oak trees, are very heavy and when the cut is the branches can sway. Tree companies that have a crane can also push the use of one when unnecessary to justify a higher price in removal.